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Suggestions after a month of using mediacoder

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 3:05 pm
by Aki
hi! before everything else, i would like to thank the developer and all those who are giving tips on the use of mediacoder. it's really cool, easy to use, and quite powerful.

now, here are a few ideas which i believe will greatly improve the user-friendliness of mediacoder if added:

1. automatic configuration of fixed values for certain video file types. for example, audio of dvd is fixed in 48000 MHz. thus, such value must automatically be set and disabled from editing, unless container is changed.

2. limiting of choices to only appicable ones. for example, if container chosen is avi, then no ac3 audio option is disabled, and any other audio types not supported by avi.

3. video output to m2v

4. ability to demux (and batch demux) subtitles from ogm/mkv files

:) :) :)