Ability to use 2 pass each different Codec.

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Ability to use 2 pass each different Codec.

Post by itspete » Fri Jun 16, 2006 6:12 pm

For those who don't want to use devoted Media players on their system
but use third party.
A simple 2 pass using different codec is a must, without the 'User' having
to change or touch anything.

Example: Want RealMedia to MPEG1
Fully Automated......
a) First pass use Xvid codec.
b) Resulting code use for second pass, switch to MPEG1 codec.
This would convert RM to MPEG1 correctly with the correct Frame rate.
I've checked all resulting files and they are correct.

This would make a very good addition to MediaCoder and very useful for
other formats.

All the best

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