PLEASE let us paste and browse for paths in the settings

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PLEASE let us paste and browse for paths in the settings

Post by BlackPlatypus » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:11 pm

Using on Windows 10 Pro x64
At first I thought the Relocation path settings were all broken, but then I realized you couldn't use copy/paste in the settings.
Neither with the keyboard, nor with the mouse.
I don't know why copy/paste isn't possible here even at least 10 years after it was brought up, but that should really be enabled. How do you even end up with text boxes that don't support pasting messages? O.o
Ideally, there should be a "Browse..." option for paths, too.

Oh my god 😂
Just for fun, I tried drag & drop.
THAT works.
How do you have drag/drop support for the text boxes but not copy/paste? 😶

Also: Deleting with Delete doesn't work, either.
I'd really like to know how/why.
The main window seems to make more sensible use of the Windows API, but the settings window uses some really baaaad web view for some reason.
I had to give MediaCoder internet access to even get to the settings, too. What a mess :/

If the problem is simply that nobody wants to start working on a Windows Forms version, for example, I'm sure we can find people here who would be willing and able.
I could probably do that, depending on what I'd have to work with in terms of integration and general requirements.

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