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ffmpeg error that cause mediacoder error

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:38 pm
by demos
I have MediaCoder x64 0.8.52 b5920 and ordinary vob file (MPEG2, AC3). Duration: 3 min 26 s. File Size: 165 MB.
Coding settings:
Container: MKV
Video: H.264
Audio: MP3.
Picture size: 1280x720 (error because of this parameter).
Conversion freeze on 91.1% and nothing happens. After some time popup appears - decoder thread seems to be blocked. Do you want to continue the task? But both options (Yes or No) do nothing. I expect that No Option stop coding and go to next files. Instead of this I had to kill ffmpeg.exe manually.
This behaviour repeats on some vob files. But if I change Picture size to original - everything goes ok.
I found that this error because of ffmpeg. In log there is info: Past duration 0.994987 too large. I found this bug here:
I tried to change ffmpeg to the latest version (20180409-3b2fd96-win64-static) - nothing changed. But then I changed to the old version (2016-07-05, N-80913-gd915b6e) and error had gone.
I understand that you cannot change ffmpeg error but there is bug that you can fix - skip current transcoding file when I press No in the popup dialog.

Preset (set2.xml), log (log2.txt) and files here: