Settings for nokia5800xpress, Mediacoder problem

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Settings for nokia5800xpress, Mediacoder problem

Post by barochallo » Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:17 am

Hello mates,
First off, let me congratulate and give my heartfelt thanks to the author(s) of this fabulous program. I was desperately seeking a program to convert movies to be seen on my Nokia 5800 xpress music mobile phone. Mediacoder was the best program that has fulfilled this need. It converts every video file that I throw at it and the quality of the movie is stunning! I now watch more movies on my mobile phone than on my laptop! :lol:

I am a newbie and not very knowledgeable about codecs, encoders etc. But even then, after playing around a bit with the program settings and with the help of information that I found on this forum and other websites, I was able to find my way around the settings.

I have come up with a preset that works great for my nokia 5800 xpress music. I want to post this for the benefit of other members that may have the same model of mobile phone.
I cannot, cannot take any credit for the same, because this is a permutation and combination of the presets I found on this forum and other websites. Thanks to all those original posters of the same.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MediaCoderPrefs><node key="overall.ui.optionTab">2</node><node key="overall.ui.param">700,640,275,26</node><node key="overall.ui.noWelcome">4582</node><node key="overall.task.destdir">C:\Users\Pranav\Desktop\</node><node key="">800</node><node key="">Set DAR</node><node key="">16</node><node key="">9</node><node key="">MPEG4</node><node key="overall.playback.render">false</node><node key="audioenc.faac.mode">Bitrate</node><node key="audioenc.faac.quality">128</node><node key="audioenc.faac.bitrate">100</node><node key="videofilter.scale.enabled">true</node><node key="videofilter.scale.width">640</node><node key="videofilter.scale.height">360</node></MediaCoderPrefs>

I am currently using the version of Mediacoder. The reason is that the newest version ( has given me a few problems.
I tried encoding some MKV files into mp4 for my mobile phones.
One had a dual audio (a different audio seemed to have been dubbed over the original language). I kept getting the error 'the audio and video streams could not get muxed'. I tried changing the encoder options and it started transcoding, but but after a while I got the error 'Mediacoder has stopped working'
Another MKV file that I tried to convert showed the error 'the video encoder does not recognize the format' or something like that.

Surprisingly, the older version ( worked beautifully. So I've uninstalled the new version and re-installed the older one, and am purposely ignoring the update software messages for now... :oops:

Maybe it's just me doing something wrong...I am new to all this.

Thanks again, for Mediacoder! :)

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