Problems with transcoding (FLV to MP4)

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Elso Valager
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Problems with transcoding (FLV to MP4)

Post by Elso Valager » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:06 am

Evening, please god tell me someone can help me tonight, cause i've gotta be at work tomorrow and i need this to be working.

I've got Mediacoder, the most recent version, and i've got a problem. I'm trying to change FLV files into MP4 files, but i'm having a massive problem with it. Can someone help me with this?


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Post by mixer » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:25 am

Converting from FLV to MP4 is easy.

Here are the basics:

1. Start MediaCoder
2. Revert all your settings. (File/Revert All Settings)
3. Drag and drop or open your FLV file into MediaCoder.
4. Verify playback by clicking on the "Play" button. If it plays you should be able to convert it.

5. To setup MediaCoder for conversion to MP4, click on the tabs and verify:

a. Container: MP4
b. Format: h.264
c. Audio Encoder: LameMP3

Leave all other settings alone for now and click "Start".

Once it's completed, playback and see how it looks. If this basic setup works, then your next step is to experiment with some of the settings.

Video Bitrate: Increasing this value will increase the quality of the conversion. However, it will also make the file size bigger and take longer to convert.

Audio Bitrate: Same as above

Picture Resize or Size: This is also called resolution or how big the image will appear on a monitor. This is up to you.

Note: FLV files are pretty poor quality to begin with. You can't make them look better and usually, increasing the video size makes them look worse.

For more information on FLV files and conversion, use the search box. There are many posts on this and what quality is the best.

If you download FLV files from YouTube read this:

Better quality YouTube Videos

If the FLV's are from YouTube, you'd be better off invoking the HQ option and then saving them as better quality MP4's. Once I started doing this, my sync problems disappeared with much better video and audio quality along with stereo on some. Another advantage of the MP4 format is that it is highly compatible with many portable devices.

Method #1:

Use &fmt=18 for standard high quality
Use &fmt=22 for widescreen HD

The &fmt=18 does work on any YouTube video. If you look closely at the bottom right side of the video window box, you'll normally see nothing.

However, if you paste and add: &fmt=18 to the end of the URL and press your enter key, then you'll see "Watch in Normal Quality", which means you now have high quality.

Of course, the quality varies from video to video and some are stereo and some are not. It helps to try different ones. But, all look better as a rule.

Now, when it comes to downloading and saving the higher quality MP4 file (instead of the FLV file) to your hard drive, the absolute best way is to use this cool little bookmarklet: Get YouTube Video Below is the link:


Go to the link below and even though it doesn't make much sense, click on the: Get YouTube Video box. This will place the bookmarklet within FireFox (if you aren't using FF, then you're out of luck). This will add it to your bookmarks in Firefox. ... files.html


Now, then next time you go to a YouTube video, start by adding: %fmt=18 to the end of the URL and hit enter. Next, go to your bookmarks and look for the entry: Get YouTube Video and click on it. This will place a download MP4 link in the YouTube video window just below the details which is in the upper right corner. Simply click this link to begin the download process.

Method #2

Use one of the online downloaders. Copy and paste the URL from YouTube to the entry box, and then choose the "MP4 save as" option. Many of the downloaders will find videos at many sites besides YouTube.

Once you've saved them as MP4 files, you can convert them to another format if you want.

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