Missing Lagarith codec?

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Missing Lagarith codec?

Post by vhslover91 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 12:19 am

Hello. I'm trying to transcode videos compressed with Lagararith (created with VirtualDub), but MediaCoder is throwing an error when trying to read the files (version 0.8.63 build 6030).

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Requested video codec family [lagarith] (vfm=vfw) not available.
Enable it at compilation.
[lagarith @ 00000000018fe280]Unsupported Lagarith frame type: 0xd6
Error while decoding frame!
And the message keeps going with a lot of different frame types.

If the codec is disabled, how do I enable it?

This problem appeared last year, I couldn't solve it and just procrastinated the task. Everything was working fine, my last successful conversion was in June 2020, and then sometime between July and November it stopped working. I don't remember if it was some update that broke it, or if I changed some settings or anything like that. Now I came back to it, updated the program, and it's still not working.

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