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Cannot change subtitles appearance

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 1:07 am
by Pegasus
I've been using MediaCoder for quite some time but since version 0.8.52 build 5920 I have had problems with encoding subtitles.

Every version after did not encode subtitles within an mkv. The only way to hardcode a substitle was by putting a seperate srt with the same name as the movie in the same folder. But even then it proved impossible to see any changes that I made in the Subtitle Settings to the font, subtitle position or subtitle text scale.
The result was always the same type of font with the same size on the same position.

I've tried a lot of combinations, run as an adminstrator, checked the firewall settings etc. No change.

I use Windows 10 which is updated on a regular basis.

Any suggestion ?