Can't get proper 24p (24000/1001 fps) when using x265 HEVC

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Can't get proper 24p (24000/1001 fps) when using x265 HEVC

Post by tsuyoshi85 » Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:18 am

I'm using the latest x64 version of MediaCoder and I have been facing this issue since starting to use HEVC encoding.
I cannot get proper 24p (24000/1001 fps) when using x265 HEVC. What I get is a plain 23.976 FPS and I do not understand what it may be due to.
Actually I had the same issue with x264 but solved it adding --bluray-compat parameter to the encoder in settings.
Unfortunately nothing seems to be possible to have MediaCoder encode files in proper 24000/1001 fps. Tried to add an extra string to the encoder options, tried to change the muxing container or to produce raw streams but nothing changes.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
HandBrake seems to handle 24000/1001 fps quite nicely but it is not very frame accurate and, above all, does not support AviSynth AVS files, which are what I use the most.
This is very annoying since I have a lifetime pass for batch encoding!

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