Help with Destination file

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Help with Destination file

Post by naglafar » Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:58 pm

Hello everybody,

I want to encode the same video file several times, with different time ranges to make several parts of my video file.

The best is if I could name my files myself : like part1.mkv, part2.mkv... In the xml file used for loading a queue, i see there is a <destfile> tag, which should be what i want, but when I set it, it just doesn't care, Mediacoder keep saving the file with the standard name (adding _1 to the original filename).

Moreover, if I use the filenames generated by Mediacoder, I have another issue : impossible to encore more than 2 times the same file because Mediacoder will replace the previous parts !

Exemple : i have my file video.mkv
For part 1, it'll create video_1.mkv
For part 2 : it'll display me a message saying the file already exists. I choose "rename file", it'll rename part 1 into video.bak.mkv and part 2 into video_1.mkv. It's ok, I have my 2 parts
For part 3 : MC rename part 2 into video.bak.mkv and part 2 into video_1.mkv, which means it removes the part 1 ! I only have part 2 and 3

So my question is simple : How could I encode several times (more than 2) the same file but with a different output filenames each time ?

Thank you to anyone that could help me on that point.

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Re: Help with Destination file

Post by swanescalona » Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:15 am

Perhap's I´m missing an important point of your problem but.
I think you can drag several times the same file to queue and set specific names/settings for each one, so from beggining, you won´t have the overwrite mesage.
Other thing I can think of is, maybe, using command line, this will automatize the process and will give you alternatives to deal with verbose.

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