Hot Inquiry Mediacoder Batch trim, crop, enhance video and audio files

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Hot Inquiry Mediacoder Batch trim, crop, enhance video and audio files

Post by jb101 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:38 pm

Hello MEDIACODER or MC/ Forum Team,
Have used many converters and editors over the years, a few years ago when tried MC, always had issues, so had to move on.
Recently Was very excited to try the latest MC version program as of 9-10-18, with finally some new ,exciting, useful features, so can Batch trim, crop, enhance video and audio files.
I know you guys are still working out alot of the kinks, but after scouring thru MC's troubleshoot, FAQs, Forum, and would be (glad to Donate ans leave all great online reviews for mediacoder) if you could please advise on the below, ongoing problems still having in all my MC trial tests, so I will at least know, if MC will work out for me. 

Thanks for your time & help.

1. MEDIA CODER Preview & trimmer still not working, even if video or audio, when trim and save to desired time, then go back in, file is same time as orig. Or trim time is not accurate, off my several seconds in output file. Seems in forum there are many inquiries into this? With the very latest mediacoder version as 9-10-18, can video and audio still cannot be trimmed at precise times in MediaCoder?

2. Why cannot simply select media preview at desired time spot? Mediacoder skips thru at intervals various seconds , then if want to start trim preview at midway of song, MC keeps reverting back to begin of song or video? Is this a known bug or something?

3. Lastly, Many times with older videos or concerts playing, the video audio sound may have hiss or feedback, any way to have MC to (Auto filter) this out to have best sound at all times without having to fiddle with each file ,  when playing these files? I keep selecting (Audio-Denoise option) in preview trim window, but cannot hear any audio improvement at all, and there is no level adjustment option could find. Any suggestions on how to get MC to satisfactory remove video or audio feedback noises?

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