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CPU for x265

Post by ian666 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:22 pm


Im encoding in a batch durning night (720p and 1080p movies from my camera and phone), mainly some home stuff i want to cut and copy out easilly later (thats why i use small GOP of 30 and B-Frames of 2 to get around 1minute keyframe).
I saw some reviews but some of them got small while some got bigger differences and not a single one used MediaCoder with it Segmental Video Encoding feature.

Im curious about two pricepoints:
-i7 8700k with average overclock probably 4.7ghz all cores
-Ryzen 7 1700x@3.9Ghz

OR (probably more a dream setup):
- Threadripper 1950x (16c)
- i9 7900x (10c)

I heard that AMD got worse AVX implementation, kind of half speed or something and Intel should stomp this. Fortunately some reviewers wrote that x265 used around 4 cores on 720p, 6 cores on 1080p streams, around 7-8 on 4k. There is same situation with MediaCoder i think (converted 720p movie to x265 and had around 70% usage on 6 core 5820k).
But when i enable SVE (Segmental Video Encoding), my cpu goes 100% and encoding speed goes up from around x1 to x1.39 so i could assume that having 12 or 16 core Threadripper would give same result even encoding low res streams.

Anyone did some testing and could tell me which cpus would be better?. To be honest i dont think there would be a big diff between my current 5820k and 8700k, but im curious anyway.

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