YADIF failing on DVD files but ok on M2TS?

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YADIF failing on DVD files but ok on M2TS?

Post by agallo » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:49 pm


I am converting all my videos to play on a Google Chromecast. I am still keeping the original files on the NAS with the mediaplayer. I am having issues with de-interlace for the Chromecast.

I have two sets of files:

1) AVCHD in M2TS from my Canon Legria, H.264 1920x180 50i 24Mbps - edited in Studio 18 and saved back in the same format

2) DVD compatible converted with "video copy" from VOB into MP4 with MediaCoder, cut-edited in Studio 18 and saved back in DVD 720x576 50i MPEG-2 6Mbps

For the newer files in M2TS H.264 I can successfully downscale them to the "new ipad" profile on MediaCoder iPhone edition and I select 6Mbps with no crop and de-interlace as YADIF mode 1. This gives me a 1280x720 50p file and the quality is outstanding. The progressive rendering is awesome, I cannot spot any interlace artifact nor any staggering verticals during horizontal or vertical panning. Fantastic. I am using the Intel encoder.

I fail to get the same quality for the older files from DVD. The output I get from MediaCoder iPhone edition (as well as the full edition) with YADIF Mode 1 is a 25p file instead of 50p. Very surprising. As you can expect, the video quality during horizontal panning is extremely disappointing.

Any suggestion? What makes me mad is that if I preview the original DVD file with VideoLan VLC and apply the YADIF (x2) de-interlace the quality is perfect with no artifact during the horizontal panning. But I fail to get the same from MediaCoder.

You can check out the original file cut down from Pinnacle Studio in DVD format as the MPG here below:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0MKAm ... sp=sharing

And an example output from MediaEncoder in MP4 here:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0MKAm ... sp=sharing

Why is MediaCoder successfully doubling the frame rate with the M2TS interlaced file and not with the MPG DVD file?

I have then tried another way. I have converted in Studio 18 from MPG to M2TS and then used MediaCoder on this. The output is perfect, exactly what I want.

See this example:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0MKAm ... sp=sharing

So how is it that MediaCoder handles MPG and M2TS differently with YADIF Mode 1?

Do I really need to go through all the way with the intermediate conversion to M2TS?

A Gallo

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