Vertical video encoding.

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Vertical video encoding.

Post by PeterC » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:11 pm

Hello everybody.
I’m finding difficulty on encoding vertical video and then to playing up in players.

Problem is as some players are stretching out some of those videos.
To solve this problem setting in mediacoder in picture bar settings must be set as:
- Resize should be manually typed for example 1080x1920 instead of 1920x1080,
- Aspect Ratio should be set as Set Display AR and typed in 9:16 instead of 16:9
Would be nice if those will be on list to choose from...
also some video (not always) are requiring to be set in Effects bar settings Rotation (CW is ClockWise, CCW is anti-clockwise).

I have noticed as some vertical videos are encoded as horizontal video like 1920x1080 but in container for example MP4 or MKV or MOV there is info for players to rotate this video 90 degree when is played up.
I do not know how to do this using mediacoder.
This would be nice to know if there is an option like this as would get us of trouble and makes encoding much easier.
Many thanks in advance for sharing any info about it.

Please feel free to share your experience with it over here.
Peter C.

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