Apple IPod

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Apple IPod

Post by itspete » Mon Jun 05, 2006 4:24 am

Here is is the format for the Apple IPod Film

I don't know if you need this but if you do.....
Remember to set the ASPECT RATIO in Settings->Video Codecs-FFMPEG

Video Output Container: h.264/avc
Audio Output Codec:AAC lc
Video Size: 320x240 (default) You decide on size.
Frames Per Sec: 25(default) or 11.988, 12.5, 14.985, 15, 23.98,
29.97 and 30.
Bitrate Kbps: 672(default) or +/- in 48's

Audio Output Container: 22050(default) or 11025, 12000, 16000, 24000
32000, 44100 or 48000
Channels 1 or 2(default)
Audio Bitrate Kbps:48 (default) or +/- in 8's

MediaCoder setup:

Audio TAB:
Nero ACC Encoder
Down Mix:Disabled Gain:0 db
Audio ID:0

Video TAB:
Bitrate slider(or type):672
Rate Mode:Fixed Bitrate
Bitrate Control:Default

Container TAB:
Format: MP4 Option: Don't select
Additional Tracks: Empty

Picture TAB:
Resize Video:320x240 (default)
Crop: (If required)
Rotation: (if required)
Frame Rate:25.00 (default)
The rest empty

Time TAB: Set all to 00:00 unless required
Texts: All Empty

Preview: Only Original

Audio Output Codec (bottom right TABS):
AAC Profile: LC-ACC
Encoding: Target Bit Rate
Quality/Bitrate slider(or type):48
Hint Track: Do not select unless required

Any questions ask in 'Questions And Answers' Forum and NOT here.
Thank you.
All the best


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