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MediaCoder Forum Rules and Etiquette

How to Post

1. Subjects: Choose clear, informative subjects. This is more likely to elicit response from experienced users who have knowledge about that particular topic. It also makes the topic easy to reference and find in forum searches by future users with similar problems. Subjects that are confusing or don't provide enough information will be edited.

Example: If you are having a problem with converting a FLV to an AVI, then say: "conversion fails (FLV to AVI/Xvid/MP3)". This provides much more information than just saying: "error"

2. When asking questions, provide as much information as possible, including:

a. Error messages
b. Version/build number
c. Console output. (To display the console, press your F6 key. Right clicking and selecting "Edit" allows you to copy and paste the information).
d. Source or Original file specifications. (To display file information, highlight the file and press your F8 key).
e. Type of destination file. What your trying to convert to?
f. What do you plan to do with the converted file? Where will it be used or played back? On What?

3. Choose one topic per thread. Long many-paged threads are typically discouraged except in the "Miscellaneous" section. Try not to post multiple questions in a single topic -- this makes it difficult to search for specific problems.

4. Post your question in only one forum; pick the most relevant forum and post there.

5. When responding to an existing thread, attempt to focus on the original topic.

6. 'Bumping' a thread is not allowed. Use time wisely and update the thread by providing details of other steps you have taken to resolve the issue, rather than calling further attention to the thread without adding any further useful information.

Ineffective Discussion

Threads stating the equivalent of "there is a problem, we need to discuss it" are ineffective. MediaCoder is a "Do It Yourself" program through your experimentation. If you have a problem, find a solution that works for you, implement it, then post.

Furthermore, questioning or editorializing the methods used by the MediaCoder development team will be monitored closely and locked if unhelpful and/or unproductive. (Harsh, unproductive criticism is also uncalled for.)

If you have a question regarding MediaCoder development, please ensure that your topic poses a specific question or idea and post it in the "Feature Request". If possible, provide a solution or partial solution.

If you have need for direct communication between you and another user or moderator, use the PM (Personal Message) feature. Don't post personal issues on the forums.

Old Threads/'Necro-Bumping'

Do your part to keep the forums tidy. Do not post in threads that are 6 or more months old. Resurrecting old threads generally creates disjointed zombie information for everybody and can also make forum moderation complicated. If necessary, link to the older thread in your new thread. MediaCoder is a changing release distribution, and is always moving forward. Don't dig up the past.

No Power-Posting/Empty Posts

Power-posting is best described as posting empty and worthless messages. It is not tolerated. People may have two reasons to do this: to increase their post count meaninglessly, or to lend support to an idea (as if it were a vote). Examples of power-posting include, but are not limited to, replying with '+1', 'lol', 'me too', 'I agree', or ':)'.

When you reply to messages, make sure you have something to say. These empty posts clutter up threads and discussion, invalidates the 'View New Posts' function, and wastes bandwidth and server space.

Cross-Posting or Double Posting

Cross-posting is posting the same question multiple times (for example, posting in both "Basic Discussion" and "Bugs"). This is a waste of resources and is not permitted.


Posting a single word or useless message (bumping) to attract attention to your thread is not allowed. Do your own research, continue to troubleshoot, post the results, and be patient with the forum community. If people are reading your thread without answering or offering help, you may try supplying more details, or ask to be pointed in the right direction.

Often, the reason for posts remaining unanswered is due to lack of details in the original post itself, or, the obvious availability of solutions on the forum (by using the search function) or on the web.

Thread Hijacking

Thread hijacking is the process of replying to an existing thread with a different topic. This is discouraged. It is better to start a new thread if you have a problem that is related to an existing posted issue but clearly different. On the other hand, it is better to respond to the existing thread with additional information if you have what appears to be the same problem with the same version of MediaCoder.

Spam or Commercial advertising

Spam, either as part of a signature (links), or within the body of a post is not allowed. Commercial advertising or links to "paid for" products is not allowed. Please report the offending post with the forum report function and a moderator will review it for removal. Users who violate this policy will be banned and their posts deleted without discussion.

Freedom of Speech

Posts that don't follow the above policies may be subject to editing and deletion.

The free and open exchange of assistance, ideas, and opinions is highly regarded and encouraged on these forums, but it must be noted that the freedom granted to forum members is "relative freedom". It exists within the boundaries and constraints of the above guidelines and principles. Complaints of 'censorship' are therefore baseless and unfounded, since this necessary framework must simultaneously provide reasonable limitations.