H265-Intel Sync

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H265-Intel Sync

Post by Methos » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:49 pm

Am am new to video encoding and learning day by day, so if I sound like a nob asking this question (Sorry)

I have a video 383MB size, 720p, MP4, 25mins long.
Am using HE-AAC V2 Audio which is great for me.

My video settings is
quantitizer set to 0
RATE MODE = Constant QP
FORMAT = H.265
ENCODER = Intel Encoder GPU
SOURCE = AviSynth

Intel Sync settings
QUAILTY = Quailty
LEVEL = Auto
LA BRC = is not enabled as it shows error

Am happy with the size result shrinking the video from 383MB to 146MB, but the video isn't as sharp and crisp as I thought it would be, I understand the compression and I would lose some detail.
So am trying to get the size size to roughly 200MB
I have no understanding of the Video Quantitizer 0 to 60 and intel Ref.Frames 0 to 8 and GOP
does anyone have a good understanding off these settings, who can explain ?

Many Thanks

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