"The same format of video"

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"The same format of video"

Post by Rockchip » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:53 am

There are a lot of chinese MP4 players which support only one format of video,
which is very specific. To create a playable video file for these players,
you need to setup a lot of advanced settings, which is very hard and takes a lot of time.

If there would be a "the same format" option, it will be very useful :
just input the path of the sample video file that works on your player,
then the path to the video you want to transcode,
and get the fully playable video file for your player.

P.S. Advanced users would be able to increase the bitrate and quality
without changing all the other necessary settings which are important -
and they will still get a working video file.
Because the "format error" problem (which pops up when you want to play the transcoded video on your player)
is caused by the such wrong parameters as container, resolution, b-frames, etc, and not by the quality.

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