Merging (copy streams) adding subititles

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Merging (copy streams) adding subititles

Post by eduvcbr » Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:15 am

Hi guys! The mediacoder is EXCELLENT! I am telling all my friend to start using it.

You know what would be GREAT to have in Media Coder and I think would be easy to implement?
Me and my friend use mediacoder a lot just to merge a video file (like a Lost episode) with a subtitle file (.srt), but we need to guess the correct setting to make the output file. Maybe you could just add this option to merge the video file with its subtitle without making any setting in the video output. It would just copy the video and audio but adding the subtitle. We could just change the settings of the subtitles itself like color, border, etc.
Thanks very much!

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Re: Merging (copy streams) adding subititles

Post by SirAuron » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:48 pm

You can already tick the copy audio and copy video boxes to simply copy the streams.
If you want to change how the subtitle looks, however, you will have to transcode the video because at the moment
MediaCoder only supports hardcoded sub (meaning the subtitle is part of the video frame and cannot be switched off).
What still needs work is the ability to copy a subtitle stream without altering it. If adding hardcoded subs is no problem,
obviously the subtitles are already identified correctly. Then I think it should not be hard to create a little drop down menu
where you can select the subtitle id (instead of having to guess it/find it out with an external program).
While there is also a copy mode for subtitles, which (in my understanding) copies the stream without altering it, it is not working.
It renders the subtitles the same way the render mode would. I really hope we will finally get support for copying soft subtitles.
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