Easily change framerate of audio

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Easily change framerate of audio

Postby fingershop » Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:44 pm

Too often the only available copies of native 24fps films and tv shows will be in 25fps format, and the audio on these typically have an altered (higher) pitch, so that everyone sounds like chipmunks. When changing these files back to their original 24fps framerate, the video doesn't need re-encoding, it just needs to be re-muxed with the proper framerate value. But the audio does need to be resampled and re-encoded. To achieve this I've been using eac3to with its "slowdown" command line switch, but when you're processing an entire season or more of a tv show then this is labor intensive.

I wish that MC had some native options on the Sound tab for changing the framerate of audio. Ideally there would be two checkboxes: one to enable converting the audio framerate to match the new video framerate, and another to optionally enable keeping the audio pitch, in the less-common case where the pitch doesn't need adjusting. And all of this ideally would be possible with the video set to Copy Video mode, with just the framerate changed on the Picture tab.

Thanks for creating this great app!

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