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build 0861 64bit (portable) directory errors

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:55 pm
by masternoxx
It appears now it defaults encoded file to video source directory. Completed screen now a blank white. not respond.
Set output directory to d:\temp\ and working directory to d:\temp.
output screen now shows up and getting a message it was encoded into the source directory.
check the source directory the video file is not there.
checked d:\temp\ the file is not there either.

okay removed "set output file" right click path on video
now is going into d:\temp\ correctly.
getting a message in lower right, says it went into source directory. (it did not)

upper right "output folder" is now set to d:\temp\ which is okay, but now there is no way to change it back to "source directory".
"set output file" (right click menu on video file) , not working right.
ok thanks