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10-bit V210 codec decoding/playback

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:21 am
by rpm7777
Version info: MediaCoder x64 v0.8.53 build 5930

Using MediaCoder for the first time and trying to transcode some v210 source material into a h.264 MP4 target. No real problem with the setup of MediaCoder (yet). However the included V210 codec will not properly play back the material. The source media is ok, as it plays in every other application that I have tried (vlc, virtualdub, mpc-hc x64, Windows [v7pro] Media Player, Sony Vegas Pro, ProCoder). The Mplayer "codecs.conf" file shows the V210 codec as listed but "untested". I am assuming that the Mplayer engine is being used to decode the source video prior to transcoding to the destination codec and container. Is this right? Well regardless of that, I guess these are my questions if anyone as some input to share:

*-- How do I report a bug in the "untested" v210 codec?
*-- Not sure of the architecture of MediaCoder, so how would I determine if there is an update to the supplied v210 codec?
*-- If the V210 codec HAS been updated, how would it be installed? Would this be a DLL that needs replacing?
*-- If there is no update, is there a way to cause MediaCoder to use the installed DirectX or VFW codecs?

Thanks in advance to whoever is able to respond to this inquiry.