Why MC5820 employs buggy TSmuxeR 2.6.12

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Why MC5820 employs buggy TSmuxeR 2.6.12

Post by kawamoto76 » Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:26 pm

Over a year ago, I reported the bug on MC x64-,
where TSmuxeR 2.6.12 had been employed. Then Stanley switched back to
TSmuxeR ver1.10.6(smlabs).
See "Product .m2ts is bigger than that got manually from intermed":

Now as to MC5820, the buggy TSmuxeR_2.6.12 has been employed again.
(MC5810 employs TSmuxeR ver1.10.6)
Even if it is the latest, we must not employ it when it has a fatal bug, I think.
MC should switch back to TSmuxeR ver1.10.6(smlabs).
Akira Kawamoto

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