Wrong aspect/res output when using cuda

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Wrong aspect/res output when using cuda

Post by Crunch » Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:20 am

First this is a Great addition for sure! Running it on a gtx 280 is screaming fast… 20mb file down too 6mb in 14 seconds

Only issue is aspect ratio’s. It dosen’t keep aspect ratios at 1280×544 and a few others.
1280x720 works but only if you specify 16:9.

Setting the aspect manually too 2.33 or anything else really doesn't work. The resulting video is squished no matter what aspect is chosen.
I've also tried every cropping option there is. Nothing helps.
And changing the res doesn't do anything as it can't seem to read the original aspect.
Ideally I don't want to change the res or aspect for any of my encodes. And it works like a charm with the x264 cmd I use. But i'm stuck on a core 2 @ 3.6 and its sooo slow compared to cuda/gtx280.
Only way too keep a correct aspect seems to be when using a 1280x720 source and choosing 16:9 for aspect.

Also when setting to quality based the slider makes no difference. Though that rate type may not be a option yet, i'm unsure.

Other than that its much much better quality output with a little tweaking than badaboom. With bframes and the QP level settings you can get some pretty great results extremely quickly.

I'm using the latest version 4472. And have the codec pack ect. I've reinstalled a few times and get the same results.

Any ideas?

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