NVENC audio sync issue

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NVENC audio sync issue

Postby jimbodjango » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:02 am

Just getting t grips with this app, very impressed with the GPU encoding with NVENC, incredible speed! Incredible work! But I have a small problem....

I'm ripping bluray files using MakeMKV and transcoding that with using NVENC to H.265 (I have a 980Ti). I want to preserve the DTS Surround audio. I haven't yet figured out a good combination to use (any setting causes MediaCoder halt doing nothing, and have to force quit), so I'm simply passing it through using the [Audio > Copy Audio] (I presume thats just another way to say pass-through). I then in the [Sound] tab select [Original], because I don't want to down sample to Stereo.

The problem then is the vid/audio goes out of sync. I discovered the reason for this is that when I change the audio settings, the video is churned out at 23fps exactly. Explaining the sync issue. If I leave the audio settings alone and let it downsample to Stereo, the video is 23.975fps.

I can't explain the link between the audio causing a change in framerate. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Many thanks!

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