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Get error 13 and 15

Posted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:52 am
by lasernet

I try to convert to my PlayBox server video and i have try many settings i get from Playbox but Mediacoder X64 give me error 13 and 15. In container i try even Disabled, then i get error 13. If i use my preset file i get error 15. What i do wrong? I hope you guys can help me out


This is my present file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MediaCoderPrefs><node key="">false</node><node key="">MEncoder</node><node key="">MP2</node><node key="">FFmpeg</node><node key="">2</node><node key="">CBR</node><node key="">8000</node><node key="">Set DAR</node><node key="">16</node><node key="">9</node><node key="">MPEG2</node><node key="overall.container.format">MPEG2</node><node key="overall.container.muxer">FFmpeg</node><node key="overall.preview.mode">Off</node><node key="audioenc.ffmpeg.bitrate">224</node><node key="videosrc.mplayer.threads">1</node><node key="videosrc.mencoder.threads">1</node><node key="audiofilter.resample.samplerate">48000</node><node key="videofilter.scale.enabled">true</node><node key="videofilter.scale.width">720</node><node key="videofilter.scale.height">576</node><node key="videofilter.crop.mode">Crop to fit</node><node key="videofilter.frame.enabled">true</node></MediaCoderPrefs>

This is the PLaybox video rules:

MPEG-2 Program (ISO/IEC 1318-2:1996) Fixed Bitrate Warpper: .MPG MPEG-2 IBP: VIDEO - Frame Rate: PAL 25fps (frame rate) - Video Frame Size: 720X576 - Aspect Ratio: 16x9 - Profile@Level: MainProfile@MainLevel - Chroma Format: 4:2:0 - Stream Type: MPEG-2 Video Stream(ISO/IEC 1318-2:1996) - Video bitrate: up to 15000 Kbps CBR (Constant Bitrate) - Interlacing: Upper Field First - GOP Format: GOP12 (N=12, M=3) - Must have Sequence headers on each GOP AUDIO: - Stream Type: MPEG Audio Layer 2 - Audio: Stereo - Audio Bitrate 224 Kbps CBR - Sample Rate: 48 KHz