QuickSync problem

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QuickSync problem

Post by jkauff » Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:34 am

QuickSync is no longer working for me. I think there are two possible reasons:

1. I have a new GTX 660 card running in parallel with HD4000 via VirtuMVP. I added MediaCoder to the list of apps in the VMVP control panel and set it to iMode so the iGPU would be available. MediaCoder recognizes that the HD4000 is working, but when I try to encode a video the clock runs, but otherwise nothing happens. No error message, nothing.

2. I installed the Intel Media SDK 2013. Perhaps MediaCoder doesn't work with that version yet.

CUDA encoding works fine, but I don't like the results particularly.

Any ideas, suggestions, or additional information?

Jim K.

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Re: QuickSync problem

Post by danneesset » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:31 am

I recently switched from an Radeon 5750HD to a GTX 660TI.

While using the radeon card I never had any problems with getting quicksync to work with mediacoder, not even the latest versions (but I had to select directx 9 and not directx 11 mode since my intel 2500K cpu don't support dx11).

However after switching to the nvidia card I could not get quicksync to work and I finally gave up and wen't with using CUDA instead. I strongly suspect there are some kind of incompability with virtu and the nvidia card/driver since if I launch internet explorer from within mediacoder I get black flickering in the whole window which I did not get when using the radeon card. You can see that virtu is enabled since you get the lucid logic logo in the upper left corner in IE (yes I have that setting enabled)

Computer details:
I am using d-mode (monitors plugged into the graphics card).
CPU: Intel 2500K
Radeon 5750 with drivers: 13.1, 12.2 and later
Geforce 660TI with drivers: 314.14 and 314.22
OS: Windows 7 x64 using virtu (gen 1)
Windows 8 x64 using virtu MVP (2)

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Re: QuickSync problem

Post by aryosgr » Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:23 am

Same issue here, 3630QM, Intel H4000 and Nvidia 660m. Don't use VirtunVP though, just the classic Optimus setup, switchng cards in use. All drivers are latest.

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