VOB to MPG split+join

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VOB to MPG split+join

Postby agallo » Sun May 22, 2016 9:05 pm


I have tried to find some solution to my problem in the forum but I cannot find the right answer.

I am converting VOB's to MPG, basically DVD's to something I can view with iPad, Chromecast, etc.

I also want to split the VOB's into chapters by manually selecting the time.

First, I have figured it out that I should use interlacing as YAD2 for best results.

Then I need to choose the right resolution and bitrate, I find the iPad 1024x768 4Mbps the best setting.

I have two issues though:

- when I try and select "time" into the VOB, it shows only the first 13s or so in MediaCoder 5830 and so I cannot split where I want

- I have worked around this by converting into MP4 the whole VOB. As I may need to join two VOB's, I have tried grouping two VOB's into one but it fails, it converts the first 13s or so, same problem as looking into time

- I need to convert each VOB into MP4 individually

- then I can correctly select split as needed - but I cannot use VIDEO COPY and AUDIO COPY, as it does not select the GOP's aligned as close as possible to the timing I have choosen. I have to RE-ENCODE...

- once I have the sub MP4's I need, there are few cases where I need to join the end of a VOB with the start of the next VOB, hence I need to get the MP4 that comes from the conversion of VOB into MP4 then from the whole MP4 into the split. So it is a triple MP4 conversion process

This sounds all overly complex and deteriorating quality.

How can I select time into individual VOB's and group their selected times into one single MP4?

Or how can I select time and use VIDEO/AUDIO coding?

How can I group multiple converted MP4 with VIDEO/AUDIO coding?

Overall, as crazy as it may sound, I find that MediaCoder iPhone build 5360 works better in managing VOB's than the full MediaCoder build 5830, both x64.

Any suggestion?


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