Troubleshooting MediaCoder problems

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Troubleshooting MediaCoder problems

Post by mixer » Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:40 pm

[Updated 11 Oct 2010]

1. Test your file for playback.

Generally, files that don't playback using MediaCoder can't be converted.

Playback Test
a. Start MediaCoder
b. Load your file by either using: "File/Add.." or dragging and dropping it into MediaCoder.
c. Highlight the file and then click MediaCoder's "Play" button.
d. If your file plays correctly, then you can usually convert it.

2. Revert all your settings to default.

Many times, during experimentation, too many parameter settings may have been changed and the overall setup may be incompatible. If you experience new problems, when you had none before, revert your settings.

Reverting Settings
a. Start MediaCoder
b. Click "File" and then select "Revert All Settings"
c. Note this will default MediaCoder to it's installation settings.

3. Failure may be due to use of an Update.

Occasionally, the updating of your current build of MediaCoder may trigger failures with certain features, especially if the update is more than a few builds more recent than your earlier one. Then, the best solution would be to reinstall MediaCoder using a full installation package.

a. First download the version or build that you wish to use.
b. After you've downloaded the version/build you want to try, restart Windows.
c. If you are planning to uninstall a previous installation of MediaCoder, do so now using your "Add/Remove" programs feature in Windows.
d. Restart your computer again.
e. Once your computer has restarted, install MediaCoder.
f. Download and apply any update packages that you would like.

4. Use a short Test file

You can use the time feature to select only a portion of a file for conversion as a quick test rather than wait for hours.

Testing with the Time Feature
a. First, make all your audio and video settings.
b. Then, click on the "Time" tab
c. Using the "End Position" boxes, enter the value of 30 into the third box from the left (this is the SS box). This sets MediaCoder for only a 30 second conversion of your existing file.
d. Click "Start" to begin the conversion.

5. The combination of codecs may be incorrect for the container or selected features.

One method, of determining where the fault lies, is to setup for a basic conversion.

Basic Conversion Setup
a. Start by "Reverting all your Settings" (File/Revert....).
b. Now perform a basic setup of what you want to do. Just make changes for "Audio" and "Video" tabs. Leave the rest at default (Picture, Time..etc).
c. Click on "Start" and see what you get. If the conversion fails go to #5.
d. If your conversion works, then begin setting up other options one at a time, running a test in between each adjustment.

6. Audio and Video improper combinations or settings.

Many times you can disable the audio and run a video conversion only. This may point to audio settings problems.

Disabling Audio
a. Click on the "Audio" tab
b. Deselect or uncheck "Enable Audio"
c. Click on "Start" and run the conversion again
d. If you get a good video only conversion, then you look at your audio settings and try a different setup.

7. A wrong combination of a video format and container can be a problem.

Make sure you have the correct video format (codec) selected for the container (file extension). While many combinations are possible, only certain combinations make sense and will work. ... er_formats.

8. You have video enabled when you are trying to convert audio only.

Always disable the video when you are performing an audio only conversion.

Disabling Video
a. Click on the "Video" tab
b. Deselect or uncheck "Enable Video"
c. Click on "Start" and run the conversion again.

9. The "Source" engine for conversion may be incorrect.

You can try another source and your file may convert.

Source Change
a. Click on the "Video" tab
b. Deselect or uncheck "Auto Select" for "Source"
c. Using the pull down arrow, select another "Source", for instance "MPlayer"

10. Video encoder engine may be incorrect.

Sometimes using another video encoder engine will solve the problems.

Video Encoder Change
a. Click on the "Video" tab
b. Deselect or uncheck "Auto Select" for "Encoder"
c. Using the pull down arrow, select another "Encoder", for instance "ffmpeg".

11. Everything worked before the update.

This is a common error and mistake. Updating to the newest version/build may not be the best idea. Newer versions or builds have the latest features, but they may also have problems or "bugs". If you like to experiment, then go for the latest version/build, otherwise if things work, then keep the one you have.