Hardware Accelerated Decoding

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Hardware Accelerated Decoding

Postby Drkrieger » Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:23 am

Hello Folks,

I've been tinkering with MediaCoder for about a week, and I've discovered that while it supports hardware encoding (NVENC), it doesn't seem to support hardware decoding for processing the video. I'm mainly doing video resizing of HEVC 4K's down to 1080p h.265 (makes a great 1080p quality rip at a medium to small file size), but the decoder seems to always be CPU bound.

For example, I'm viewing the task manager and I'm noticing that under the MediaCoder app in the list, it's listing FFmpeg at least once (usually one for audio handling), as well as the NVEncoder. It seems like it's using FFmpeg for the decoding which as far as I can tell doesn't support hardware decode. I've tested out limiting the CPU cores under the 'Tasking' tab specifically for the Video Decode option, and it certainly does change the CPU usage during the task.
Does anyone know of a way to use a hardware decoder along with NVENC? Is there a PureVideo decoder that I can add onto MediaCoder?

P.S.- I've tried using VLC and WM Decoder, but neither of these seem to work at all (the job basically hangs).
P.P.S.- Running a GTX 1070 with an Intel i5-6600K for hardware.

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