Time tab - time option NOT working

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Time tab - time option NOT working

Post by biuro74 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:41 pm


I've been using MediaCoder for long time, but there was always something wrong with TIME tab. When I wanted to cut a movie - simple job - there is always something wrong.
Output movie is either: FULL TIME (???), 1 sec clip with one frame being displayed for that time (???), full movie on the timeline, but with frame frozen till "Start" position set (???) etc.


And can't work fine, as I click SELECT button, preview window shows up and I can see there time values are screwed up there. I presume all calculations in a code are based on these values, so I'm not surprised it can't work. Example: my movie is 1 min 15 sec long. Its time representation should be
START: 0:00:00:000
STOP: 0:01:15:000
Let's presume I'd like to cut first minute/6 secs off and "produce" 9 secs movie only. Should be:
START: 0:01:06:000
STOP: 0:01:15:000
So when I click SELECT button and mark appropriate In and Out points I get:
START: 01:00:6
STOP: 01:00:15
When I click OK - Start end End position are still fine, but OUTPUT MOVIE IS NOT 9 SECS, BUT AS STATED BEFORE.

I can see mess with time representation here, can you devs take a look at these, please ?


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