increasing bitrate problem

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increasing bitrate problem

Postby rustyconc » Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:14 pm

I have just purchased mediacoder premium (and installed the latest version; Windows 10), and it unfortunately doesn't quite accomplish what I need.

I am looking to batch convert 4K AVI files with CFHD codec into MP4 files with H264 codec.

My initial attempts worked, using bitrate of just 10000 (the default). Not surprisingly, quality was bad when I played the MP4 in VLC. So, I increased the bitrate to both 45000 and 50000, and although the resultant MP4 files were larger (as expected), they did not play in VLC. To be safe, I reverted all settings before each attempt. VLC gave no error message, just black screen. I changed back to 10000 bitrate, and then again the video played fine.

Can this be solved?


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