Dongle request?

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Dongle request?

Postby brotherjaso » Sat May 27, 2017 6:37 am

Hello. My name is brotherjaso. (Win8.0/HP2000 & Toshiba P6000/Win7)

Found MediaCoder over at VideoHelp. Great work! It got me out of pinch converting a dvd standard mp2.

I use two computers. My Toshiba has all internet programs uninstalled, I use it as a workstation. It seems like MediaCoder is looking for an internet connection. (Its holding up on the splash screen and the main window is ghosted white, not responding)

Would it be possible to have a download made available to put a folder or file or registry or whatever (dongle?) so that MediaCoder sees what it needs to boot?

I would be good with using MediaCoder on this machine, but it's only running 1.8 GB's of usable RAM. (My Toshiba has 8)

Thank you very much! brotherjaso

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