Repackage Mjpeg AVI to mov

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Repackage Mjpeg AVI to mov

Postby eriksatie » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:03 pm

Hi to everyone, I'm new on the forum and first time user of Mediacoder (but I have a little bit of experience with other encoding software).

I have and old file made with a DC10 Plus, is an AVI and the codec is Mjpeg. I want to edit it on a mac, but for some reason Imovie don't like it (it should be compatible with AVI mjpeg). vlan can play it on the mac

on my old PC with Windows XP (SP3) it is also totally playable, so I'm gonna to transcode it with Mediacoder to something editable with Imovie. Best thing would be to repackage jpg sequence in a mov container (maybe it will work). this are the setting I'm trying to use:

video: copy video
audio: copy audio
container: MOV (multiplexer in auto select)

When I start the job I get an error from ffmpeg "Cannot find enter point..." (translated from italian)

so two question:
1. are this the right settings for the job?
2. Why the error? Do I need to try an older version?


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