Why are my encodes from VC1 WMVs failing?

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Why are my encodes from VC1 WMVs failing?

Postby lfbn » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:29 am

I have about 2TB of VC1 WMVs (recordings of Windows desktop activity) that I was hoping to encode to low bit-rate h.265 so that they aren't occupying 2TB on a disk drive someplace. MediaCoder seems to process them, then either not produce an output file or only produce a 1kb file that appears to only contain file header info. MediaCoder appears to treat these as successful encodes.
Other video files processed with the same settings (nvEnc/Mencoder; 500kbps; no audio) do produce output. Container format likewise seems to be irrelevant. WMV files, even from other sources, also appear to fail in the same way.
I'm using the Full version of MediaCoder.

Any help in diagnosing this would be very helpful.

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