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Watched Folder

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:33 pm
by spikemixture
I have the premium version and I do really like it but having no manual really is frustrating.

Ok so maybe one of you gurus can help.

I daily get mkv downloaded and want them to be converted (copied usually) to mp4.

I have saved presets etc so that part I think I have right.

I want MC to search daily (or 6 hourly) for any mkv files and convert/copy them with my preset!

It looks like automation section

What will my setup look like?

Watched folders - the folder where my media ends up e.g. V:\tv
Automated tasking -ticked
Automatic start delay - default is 3000 - is that seconds or millisecs ? - I want 6 hours
Generating report file - ticked
Location of report template - whereever
Load a formatted preset file - the location of the preset i want to use for this process

Am I close???