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Transcoding Getting Stuck At Random Times

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:32 pm
by petrovskyz
Okay, so I am trying to convert to OGG (Theora for video, Vobris for audio).

The problem is that for some reason MediaCoder just stops encoding after some time. I am not getting any errors, it just stops. I did get a message saying that "thread has been blocked" or something, not sure about it. However, I don't have anything else running besides MediaCoder while encoding this.

The settings are as following:

And this is how MediaCoder looks like when stuck. Note that it is responsive, I can move through tabs and such, however I can't stop/pause the transcoding process. If I want to stop it, I'd have to kill the process. The values in the Statistics tab are staying like that, even though it gives a value for elapsed time, the value is stuck, nor does it move in any way.


Any ideas what can I do to fix this? I need this video done urgently, so I need a fix quickly sadly.

The rig:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
MB: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
GPU: ASUS nVidia GTX 660ti DC2
CPU: Intel i5 3570K @ 3.5 GHZ (Not Overclocked, Temperatures not going over 60 degrees on full load)
SSD: Kingston 120GB
RAM: 32GB Kingston HyperX Black DDR3 1866 (4x8GB)

On the SSD i have around 20GB free space, on the RED there is more than 1.5TB free space.

Re: Transcoding Getting Stuck At Random Times

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:27 pm
by stanley
Could you check if decoding process (mencoder.exe) and encoding processor are still alive at that time?