Trimming opening and closing credits

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Trimming opening and closing credits

Post by bung333 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:29 am

I recently put all of my TV Series DVD's on my computer to use as a home theater PC. Everything has worked great, but there are some shows that have the opening/closing credits on each and every episode. It gets annoying to watch them each time, especially when you're having a marathon viewing.

I used the decoding settings to set my start time and duration, while this worked well it only works if I re-encode every file. If I try to do direct video/audio copy with different multiplexors I either get an error or I get an output file with terrible audio/video. I wouldn't be opposed to re-encoding every file if I knew enough about the different settings, but the few that I've done that way have had pretty diminished quality.

Really what I want is the exact same clip but with the first and last minute cut, can anyone help?

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Re: Trimming opening and closing credits

Post by meRobs » Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:41 pm

You have raised a number of issues.

You have not indicated the Build of MediaCoder you are using. This may help, especially since not all builds work properly in there normal features. For example, you can check the Test Report in Tips & Guides (link below).
One such feature is Trimming, available via the Effects button (Picture tab) or the Select button (Time tab), which at the best of times is awkward to use. Remember that cutting a video must be done at I-frames, usually every ~0.5 sec for VOBs, say, or much longer in many other types.

I doubt whether you can trim in MediaCoder without re-encoding. To encode, you should examine the Encoding Guide and if you wish to put your stuff onto DVDs, maybe check out DVDs and MPEG2 in the Guides.

Also, assuming your DVDs were ripped to HDD as VIDEO_TS folder containing VOB files, do NOT convert separate VOBs, even if grouped together (another Guide) else viedo-audio sync problems.

The best option for ripping, even from VIDEO_TS folder already on the PC, if you wish to convert in MediaCoder is to rip with DVDshrink (freebie), which enables you to (a) trim each "Movie" at both ends (b) save the result to one large VOB for ease of encoding later in MediaCoder or to re-author to DVD withut re-encoding and (c) if you wish to re-encoder in MediaCoder set DVDshrink to not convert, ie, output to DVD9 size.
Have you checked out the Tips & Guides for MediaCoder? Try:
Also, get older builds at:

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Re: Trimming opening and closing credits

Post by ladycoder » Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:18 am

For AVIs use Virtual Dub Stream copy on I-frames.

For MPEGs try Free Video Dub.

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