MIDI ---> MP3

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MIDI ---> MP3

Post by @ndres » Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:55 am

Hello guys!!!

¿It is possible to convert from MIDI to MP3 with MediaCoder?


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Re: MIDI ---> MP3

Post by mixer » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:20 pm

No, sorry, MediaCoder can't convert MIDI to MP3

Technically, Midi files can't be converted directly. You would first have to record them as a "WAV" file using your computer and a software based recording program like Windows "Sound Recorder", a program like Nero or the free Audacity program. You record the MIDI sequence (song...etc) to a WAV format as you play it back. The same would apply if you are listening to a MIDI file online.
Later, you can convert the recorded WAV file to MP3 using Audacity or MediaCoder.

If you have a MIDI file (rather than using a standalone device with MIDI output...like a keyboard), then you would need to load the MIDI file into MIDI player software on your computer and record while playing it back. However, if you have a standalone MIDI device then you can use an analog audio output fed into your computer which you would also record as a WAV.

For more info, talk to the folks at a musicians supply house like Guitar Center.

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