Error after succefull convertion of 2 AMR files (+pics)

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Error after succefull convertion of 2 AMR files (+pics)

Post by AngieCe » Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:49 pm

Hey everybody!
I'm having two problems here. Firstly, I usually speak Spanish so forgive me for my mistakes in talking English.
The problem with Media Coder Audio Edition started yesterday...I converted two AMR files into MP3, without any problem at all... I have a total of three files I wanted to convert. They could be played in Real Player, so there was no problem with the files. In fact, the 3 files apparently had converted as soon as I played them on all my music software (?) and the only one that didn't work was the third one.
I tried again - converted it again after closing the program and even today I retried, but there is no use. This is what appears in the program:


(in case you don't see it or the pic is too big and is annoying (?), here's the link, i've uploaded to

What do you think :S ?
I've searched for "error" "amr" and similar and I fear I'm the only one with this problem. Hope it has a solution!
thanks for reading, and helping me.


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