Serveral Requests

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Serveral Requests

Post by Takuya » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:54 pm

I use MediaCoder full edition.
Though it corresponds to Huffyuv
It doesn't correspond to Huffyuv-mt (MultiThreading version).
Please correspond to the input of the file of the project of AVIUTL.
I am using NeroAAC for the AAC encoding.
Even only 320kbps can be chosen.
Even 512kbps can be selected in TMPGEnc4.
Please put 512kbps in choices.

Please correspond to the Spurs engine.

I want the function to change the pitch of audio.
(YouTube contents ID measures)
I want the stretch function of time (1.33 X speed).
These functions have these functions in TMPGEncMovieStyle.

I want the tool that easily separates, and integrates the video and audio in the container.
These functions are equipped with MPEG tool of TMPGEncMPEGEditor and TMPGEnc4 as a function for MPGE2.
I want the tool for avi and mp4.

I want the tool that converts only the container and the audio codec.
MKV to mp4, avi to mp4!

MediaCoder is a very good program.
It is a trouble that the message to ask for donations happens frequently.
I think that it is good to give the message when the program is begun or is ended.

sorry for bad english.

Thank you for your hard work, Stanley !

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