beginners guide: the first steps

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beginners guide: the first steps

Post by boardersparadise » Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:35 am

Here are my "beginners' tips", i.e. answers to the question "how can I get MediaCoder running?"

Preamble: "You are not alone!"
My first impression was that the program was completely broken. And I was desperate because MediaCoder is the incarnation of flexibility ("transcode whatever ways") and I absolutely wanted it to work. So if you are at this stage, don't despair, that's completely normal. I guarantee you, sooner or later you will get it to work. It just needs a fair amount of trials and different settings.

My recommendation is to have a systematic approach. Don't try settings randomly but with these tips in mind:
  • 1. for your first trial, set audio/source + container/container to "default", then enable "auto select" for video/source + video/encoder + audio/source. Then choose your preferred video and audio codec. This way, MediaCoder can choose for itself (hopefully) the most appropriate selections.
  • 2. If this doesn't work, set containter/container to "Matroska". This container accepts almost any streams and is very versatile. Chances are that your encoded streams will be accepted now.
  • 3. If this still doesn't work, deselect "enable audio" to see if your selected audio codec is the culprit. If MediaCoder outputs a correct and watchable video file now (without sound obviously), then you have successfully isolated the audio encoding as the culprit. On the other hand, if you still get a "no file outputed" error,... then onto the next step:
  • 4. This is the same as #3, but you select "enable audio" again and deselect "enable video", to see if the video encoding is the culprit.
  • 5. By now, with steps #3 and #4 you have isolated the error as either a video encoding problem or an audio encoding problem. Go to the video or audio tab accordingly and instead of "default" and "auto select" try all other options from the "source" drop-down menue. This gives you approx. 10 more chances :)
  • 6. Before you click the "start" button you can also click on picture/effects. If you press play and can't see any video or have no sound, choose a different video/source or audio/source. If all sources fail, it is very likely that the input file is corrupt or has a very exotic audio or video codec.
  • 7. If all of this fails, submit a bug report here: viewforum.php?f=3 and make sure that you include version numbers of your MediaCoder installation, edition and your operating system.

And again,
I guarantee you that with enough patience and trials with different settings (as outlined above) you will sooner or later get MediaCoder to work (provided you don't want to perform too exotic things and provided that the codecs themselves allow what you want to do, as MediaCoder is essentially a front-end).

Hope this was useful. At least, that's what got me a step forward.
Good luck and have fun.

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Re: beginners guide: the first steps

Post by brownsmith » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:51 pm


Thanks for the beginners steps. it was really useful information.

Smith Brown

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