Are you a TV Capper - Cap for file sharing ?

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Are you a TV Capper - Cap for file sharing ?

Postby encroder » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:29 am

Caps from tv that are transcoded to xvid or mkv - The Playback audio quality.

An original capped file has audio MP2 or AC3, and you are going to process that to 2.0 with reduced bitrate !!

Why not leave the audio bitrate as is, for better listening quality. If it's 5.1 and needs converting to 2.0, it's easy with media coder. Just selecting stereo on the audio screen, and 2.0 stereo is what will be saved.

Does size matter, yes and the differenece between MP2 and MP3 is very little. Not that matters with everyone downloading with broadband connections, or for you maybe upload a few extra bytes, if at all. Leave at original bitrate, don't adjust the bitrate it normaly is 192 or 256 from tv caps.

AC3 these are now in mkv media files, why not also in xvid's if capped from HD that has ac3.

We don't care for any extra bytes to dowload bytes, as long as we have quality listening while watching the caps.

Need quality audio - Transcode without audio modification.

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