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Video To Audio

Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 9:30 pm
by itspete
Thought you may like to know my findings and here they are.

Extract Audio from Video (please read foot note).
Switch OFF 'Video TAB'/'Format' to 'Bypass'
Use other settings as normal but...

Lame MP3
Set 'Audio TAB'/'Encoder' to Lame MP3 or as required.
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....LAME
....Rate Mode:VBR, Channel:Auto, Bitrate:6 (=128) 0=244, AlogrithmQuality:0 (best)

Helix MP3
Set 'Audio Tab' as above
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....HelixMP3
....Mode:Variable Rate, Channel:Simple Stereo, Bitrate Quality:100

Set 'Audio Tab' as above (I'll check this further).
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....FFMPEG
....Audio Format: MPEG Layer 2, Bitrate:128 or 224 or any other.

Set 'Audio Tab' as above
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....Vobis
.....Encoding Mode: Quality=224

Set 'Audio Tab' as above
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....Ape
....Compression Level:Extra High or your setting.


Set 'Audio Tab' Windows Media Audio
Set 'Output Container' (bottom right TABS) For....Lame
Rate Mode:ABR (or examine others)
Bitrate slide(or type): 244
Alog Quality:0 (for best. You can change this)

MOV and others to WMA
Audio TAB:
Windows Media Audio
Nothing else selected.

Vide0 TAB:
Format: Bypass
Forget everything else Not needed.

Container TAB: Default and OPTION: no need to select.
Picture TAB: not needed
Time TAB: Not needed.
Audio Output Container (Right side TABS)
Audio Format: MPEG Layer 2
Bitrate Slider(or type): 244


Audio Format:Lame
Rate Mode: VBR (you can test others)
Bitrate slider(or type):244
Quality: 0 Best


AVI to AC3

Set 'Audio Tab'
FFMPEG Audio Codecs
44100 (or as required)
Nothing else

Video Tab:

Container Tab: Default
Picture Tab: all empty
Time Tab: All to 00:00
Texts Tab: None selected

Audio Output Codec:
Audio Format: AC3
Bitrate slider(or type):128 (or as required)


Note: In some cases, you can also use the corresponding required
Audio Codec in the 'Audio Tab' and/or use a different Codec in the Output
Container (bottom right tabs). See which gives best results. NOT for WMA

If you have any others or ammendments, please join the free forum and
email me, so I can add to this list.

Please don't ask Questions here, use 'Questions And Answers' forum.
Thank you.

All the best