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High Res. iPod/iPhone videos from Mediacoder Full edition

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:14 pm
by Vboy
The basic requirements:-

* H264 level 30
* NO b-frames
* NO Cabac
* H264 video must contain a SAR.
* A specific uuid atom must be added after the avcC atom.

Video max res: 640x480 @ 30fps
Video max bit : 1.5 Mbps (1500 Kbps)
Audio max bit : 192 Kbps ( AAC-LC)

Video Settings:-

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[1] ".\codecs\x264.exe" "$(SourceFile)" --quiet --no-psnr --no-ssim --keyint 250 --min-keyint 25 --level 30 --vbv-maxrate 1500 --vbv-bufsize 2000 --me umh --merange 16  --no-fast-pskip --non-deterministic --sar 1:1 --ref 1 --subme 6 --bframes 0 --no-cabac --trellis 2 --direct auto --bitrate $(VideoBitrate) --qcomp 0.6 --vbv-bufsize 2000 --threads auto --stats "$(PassLogFile)" --pass 1 -o NUL

[2] ".\codecs\x264.exe" "$(SourceFile)" --quiet --no-psnr --no-ssim --keyint 250 --min-keyint 25 --level 30 --vbv-maxrate 1500 --vbv-bufsize 2000 --me umh --merange 16  --no-fast-pskip --non-deterministic --sar 1:1 --ref 1 --subme 6 --bframes 0 --no-cabac --trellis 2 --direct auto --bitrate $(VideoBitrate) --qcomp 0.6 --vbv-bufsize 2000 --threads auto --stats "$(PassLogFile)" --pass 2 -o "$(DestFile)"
Audio Settings :-

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".\\codecs\\neroAacEnc.exe" -br 128000 -lc -ignorelength -if - -of "$(DestFile)"
XML settings :-

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MediaCoderPrefs><node key="overall"><node key="generic"/><node key="ui"><node key="mode"><value>Advanced</value></node><node key="rss"><value>Always</value></node><node key="expertView"><value>Audio Command</value></node><node key="param"><value>615,535,6,12</value></node><node key="noWelcome"><value>4077</value></node><node key="splash"><value>4</value></node></node><node key="task"><node key="destdir"><value>C:\Output\</value></node><node key="keepUnfinished"><value>true</value></node><node key="testPhase"><value>Disabled</value></node></node><node key="output"/><node key="tagging"/><node key="subtitle"/><node key="decoding"/><node key="audio"><node key="encoder"><value>Nero Encoder</value></node></node><node key="video"><node key="mode"><value>Two-Pass</value></node><node key="bitrate"><value>750</value></node></node><node key="container"/><node key="mplayer"/><node key="preview"><node key="render"><value>false</value></node></node><node key="plugin"/><node key="presets"/><node key="httpd"/><node key="server"/></node><node key="audiosrc"><node key="mplayer"/><node key="winamp"/><node key="lame"/><node key="wavefile"/></node><node key="audioenc"><node key="lame"/><node key="vorbis"/><node key="faac"/><node key="aacplus"/><node key="nero"><node key="format"><value>LC-AAC</value></node><node key="mode"><value>Target Bitrate</value></node><node key="bitrate"><value>128</value></node></node><node key="helix"/><node key="helixmp3"/><node key="fraunhofer"/><node key="speex"/><node key="musepack"/><node key="ffmpeg"/><node key="aac3gpp"/><node key="amr"/><node key="wavpack"/><node key="flac"/><node key="ape"/><node key="tta"/><node key="als"/><node key="ofr"/><node key="pcm"/><node key="cli"/></node><node key="videosrc"><node key="mplayer"/><node key="avisynth"/></node><node key="videoenc"><node key="xvid"/><node key="x264"><node key="level"><value>30</value></node><node key="bframes"><value>0</value></node><node key="b_adapt"><value>false</value></node><node key="cabac"><value>false</value></node><node key="vbv_maxrate"><value>1500</value></node><node key="vbv_bufsize"><value>2000</value></node><node key="weight_b"><value>false</value></node><node key="me"><value>Slow</value></node><node key="subq"><value>6</value></node><node key="bime"><value>false</value></node><node key="trellis"><value>Enabled during all mode decisions</value></node><node key="fast_pskip"><value>false</value></node><node key="turbo"><value>Disabled</value></node><node key="options"><value>--sar 1:1</value></node></node><node key="mencoder"/><node key="ffmpeg"/><node key="theora"/><node key="dirac"/><node key="amv"/><node key="vfw"/><node key="dumper"/><node key="wm"/><node key="remote"/></node><node key="container"><node key="mp4box"/><node key="matroska"/><node key="mencoder"/><node key="mp4creator"/><node key="atom"/><node key="pmp"/><node key="vcd"/></node><node key="audiofilter"><node key="resample"/><node key="equalizer"/><node key="channels"/><node key="volume"/><node key="surround"/><node key="compressor"/><node key="delay"/><node key="extraStereo"/><node key="extra"/><node key="shibatch"/></node><node key="videofilter"><node key="scale"/><node key="crop"/><node key="expand"/><node key="frame"><node key="enabled"><value>false</value></node></node><node key="eq"/><node key="postproc"/><node key="rotate"/><node key="itf"/><node key="denoise"/><node key="unsharp"/><node key="delogo"/><node key="screenshot"/><node key="thumb"/><node key="extra"/></node></MediaCoderPrefs>

Here is the Mp4muxer i used Mp4Box <---Nic's MP4Box Build

This Mp4box adds that specific uuid atom.

Mp4Box Syntax : MP4Box -add in.mp4 out.mp4

Tip: You can backup the original Mp4Box.exe file and replace it with the the one i provided, in this way muxing will take place on the fly.

With higher bitrates i can watch near Dvd quality videos on TV with my iPod (Tv-Out) :D

This tip is for those users for whom the iPod/iPhone Edition is not working or to make Mediacoder Full Edition the universal transcoder.

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:46 pm
by B!ink
Changed the link Vboy. Hope stanely sees this.

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:51 pm
by Vboy
If possible add this file to Mediacoder Full Edition Stanley :)

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:31 am
by SirAuron
I think this deserves a sticky as there are a lot of people using an Iphone/Itouch/Ipod.


Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:54 am
by stanley
Thanks for the guide vboy. Actually Nic's MP4Box is shipped with MediaCoder iPhone edition.

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:43 am
by pitpit
Thanks a lot but I don't know how to use these codes(script) How can I add this script to mediacoder? Help pls :(

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:20 am
by SirAuron
It's a preset. You have to copy and paste it into a textfile and rename it to .xml and then you can use the settings via File -> Load Preset.

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:21 am
by B!ink
pitpit wrote:Thanks a lot but I don't know how to use these codes(script) How can I add this script to mediacoder? Help pls :(
Open notepad under Windows OS. Copy the XML settings code you see in Vboy's first post and paste into notepad. When you're done, go to File ---> Save As. Give the document a name and put xml extension after it's name.


Change save as type to all files and click save button. Remember where you saved it.

Run MediaCoder. Go to File --> Load Preset. Locate document you created and click open.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 8:59 am
by pitpit
Thank you very much for your interest. I 'll try it :)

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:23 am
by XIII Heartless
What exactly is a textfile? How do you start one?