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Converting to Xvid creates ffmpeg videos instead

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:02 pm
by JeegRobot
Month ago I asked the same question!
After so many months and versions still mediacoder is not able to convert to real Xvid!

I'm using version 0.8.345716. This is the last version able to convert video files to real Xvid avi using Xvid video codec!
I installed all the newer version but no one convert to real xvid avi anymore!

If I convert any kind of video to avi with xvid codec the final avi has a ffmpeg codec instead of the xvid codec!
I saw this using Gspot or other diagnostic tool like Mediavideo.
I can see those videos on the computer but not on other device!

Why Mediacoder staff give up with real Xvid codec? Is there a workaround to installa one of the newer version and get real xvid too? Mediacoder was my favourite program for mass converting and I cannot use it anymore. I'm sad.

PS I know that xvid is obsolete but is so diffuse and I can see real avi with xvid-divx everywhere.

Re: Converting to Xvid creates ffmpeg videos instead

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:27 am
by JeegRobot
First of all I have to apologize because I think I wrote my message in the wrong section.
I'm sorry! Ir should be moved in a section for requesting help.

Nobody answer my question in days. So I bump this thread just once hoping for someone to help me understand why newer version of medaicder creates xvid in avi then in reality are ffmpeg in avi.
Thanks in advance for your help.