WMV encoding defaults to voice format

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WMV encoding defaults to voice format

Post by dalilb67 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:14 am

I am trying to encode some video files to WMV format.

I use WMV 9 and WMA9 wich have worked fine before on Windows 7

After getting a new machine with Windows 8 and a newer version Mediocoder It suddenly defaults to a very low grade audio format

My standard settings wich have worked before is:

WMV 9 Variable bitrate 95%
WMA 9 192kbps CBR 44.1khz 16 bit

Using WM Encoder

This have been used to fix downloaded videos that my Samsung TV can't play (it maxes at 192kbps wma9, no wma 9.2 support and doesn't like vbr very much)

Now suddenly the TV shows "Audio Coded not supported" .. checked it with VLC player, and it shows the Codec as:

"Windows Audio Media Voice (Speech) (WMAS) 8000hz 32 bit"

Normaly the format Mediacoder outputs identifies as

"Windows Audio Media 2 (WMA2) 44.1khz 32bit in VLC.

Any suggestions much appreciated

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