Massive performance increase using avisynth

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Massive performance increase using avisynth

Post by doctorbunhead » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:36 pm

I would just like to share something I have discovered on my system and would be interested to know if it works for others.
I have a HUGE AVI file I am converting to mp4.
The AVI has PCM audio and is encoded with ut video codec (yuv420 profile) at 1080p 29.97fps. It is about 190GB in size.
My output if x264 using cuda at 12kbps and main profile. everything else is default.
If I drag the AVI into mediacoder I get around 12-15FPS encoding speed.
If I use an intermediate avisynth AVS file containing just one line of code as follows:
and drag this into mediacoder, I now get 34FPS encoding speed!!
I found this out by accident when stitching together 3 parts of an AVI together using an AVS script but use it all the time now to speed things up.

My avisynth is standard not MT version 2.58.
ffdshow is installed but ut codec support is disabled in the config.
My system is Win7 x64, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTX460, Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.93GHz using x64 build of mediacoder.

Any thoughts?

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